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Time for a dome

Recent decisions by multiple neighbors to A) install extremely bright, un-shielded lamps of various sorts (deck lights, “security” floods, etc) and B) decline (and in one case respond rather negatively to) polite requests to modify their lighting use and/or arrangements, … Continue reading

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One of the absolute COOLEST things about the world we live in is how science has “changed”. Ok…science hasn’t changed…it’s still science.  But the ability of “the common man” to participate has skyrocketed in just the last decade.  The rapid information … Continue reading

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IC1795 – The Fishhead Nebula

October started with a glorious 4-6 days around the new moon, courtesy of Hurricane Matthew well to our east. I took advantage, and imaged every night from 10/5 to 10/9. 🙂 Another NB-only image, definitely starting to feel like this … Continue reading

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NGC 1491

NGC 1491 is an emission nebula in the Perseus constellation, located ~ 10,000 ly away.  it is captured here in 3 narrowband emissions, Hydrogen Alpha, Ionized Sulfur, and Doubly-ionized Oxygen, or Hα, SII, and OIII. More posts about the processing … Continue reading

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