Time for a dome

Recent decisions by multiple neighbors to A) install extremely bright, un-shielded lamps of various sorts (deck lights, “security” floods, etc) and B) decline (and in one case respond rather negatively to) polite requests to modify their lighting use and/or arrangements, have rendered the back yard nearly un-usable for long exposure astrophotography.  There are few spots the scope can point now that it is not washed out by light blooms to every side.

While there are several options (being a dick about it, moving, remote imaging) it’s my hope that converting TinyObs to a slotted dome observatory will address the situation to a suitable degree.  I believe that if I can shield the telescope from its surrounds completely, leaving only a narrow aperture through which it images, that I can mitigate most of the light intrusion.

So construction has begun on a new dome!

The dome will be fiberglass, comprised of 12 30° sections.  Below is a picture of an early stage of the plug currently under construction, off which a glass mold will be made.

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