Dome V 0.2

The fiberglass “kit” dome idea has come and gone.  Further research revealed an existing company making a similarly sized dome for about the same cost as I has hoping to sell my kit.  While that dome (and, frankly, company) have their issues, the reality is that there probably wouldn’t be a whole lot of a market (even within the context of the already small niche market I was hoping to exploit) for my kits.

Eliminating the idea of future sales left me with a project that, while doable, was going to take a fair amount of energy, time, and money even to prototype.  Worst of all, if there were inaccuracies in the mold, I wouldn’t really know them until all 12 sections were built!  A risk worth taking if there’s profit down the road, but less so for a one-off personal dome.

SO…introducing Dome V0.2, a “hybrid” hexadecagonal dome from wood.

Work has begun on the “base”.  First is a square frame, which will be the “cap” for the walls.

Some ripping, planing, and mitering later, the “base octagon” is complete.

Work will begin this week on the dome ring itself.

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