Oops…and un-oops

So yeah.  Geometry is hard, apparently.

Spent the weekend routing the slots for the shutter rollers.

This went well.  Made up a pretty slick trammel for my router and everything rolled along quite smoothly.

After routing slots in both shutter arcs, I stood the arcs up temporarily, and had a bit of a “stand back and admire” session, soda and cigar in hand.

This too went well, as I noticed everything sitting nicely, tolerances well within acceptable range, and so forth.  Riiiiiiiiiiiight up until i got to the far side, and realized…

SHIT.  I cut the slots the same way on both arcs!  Which means, of course, as soon as I flipped the far one to put the slots on the outside…backwards.


So…this afternoon over lunch and after work, repair mode was initiated.  Figured I’d document it here for…reasons.

First, I marked the correct start and end points for the slot, and noted the areas where slots had been cut that shouldn’t be there.  I used those as “waste” areas, where I could “test” the router positioning (since, of course, the clamped down arcs and trammel had all been removed, thinking I was done).  If I cut too deep or wide or whatever, wouldn’t matter, those areas would be filled in.

After cutting out the “missing” slots, I began the “fill” process.  Some scrap plywood was cut down to thin strips on the table saw.

Strips were then glued and wedged into the slots, extending slightly beyond where the slot should have ended.

Once the glue dried, a flush-cut saw knocked them down pretty close to the arc’s surface, and some sanding did the rest.

Finally, some glue and sawdust filled any remaining gaps, and the router was again employed to recut the last few inches of the slots up to their correct stopping point.  A bit of final sanding, and presto.

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