First shutter slider complete!

Tonight’s task was to create the first “shutter slider”…the arc that will carry the shutter doors.

The basic idea is one “slider” on each side will ride in the previously cut slots using track rollers (cam followers) mounted in countersunk blind nuts.

Step one was finding yet another creative way to find space and rig up a work surface for the compass and router trammel.

The router trammel was then used to cut a 52° arc of a radius 1/8″ larger than the outer radius of the shutter arcs, 1.25″ wide.  This arc then got 10-32 blind nuts counter-sunk at each end, into which some 1/2″ 10-32 threaded stud cam followers were placed.


The slider was then tested in on of the shutter arcs.

Over the next few days, I’ll make the other equally sized slider for the outside track, and then 2 more of a smaller radius for the inner slots.

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