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Been too long. 🙂

The trip to Marathon was less than I’d hoped.  Well, let me correct that…the TRIP was fantastic.  Had a great time, loved being down there, and thoroughly enjoyed the time with friends and my son.  The imaging results, however, were less than i’d hoped for, thanks to weather being less than cooperative.

As a result, the NGC4631 project is “on hold” until I can find time at another sufficiently dark site.  Stay tuned!

The code portion of the dome environment is progressing nicely.  The shutter controller is just about settled in, and the dome controller is largely complete on the firmware signs.  An ASCOM driver is under way, and already provides minimum basic functionality, so what’s left is largely cleanup and tweaks.

For those curious about such things, the latest dev version can be found on Github.

Finally, a new image was started last night.  Here is the first ~5 hr look at M63 – The Sunflower Galaxy

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