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Totality is life-changing

I stood there, in a cornfield in Hokinsville, KY.  I thought the day had been exciting, waiting for and then observing the steady march of the moon’s disc across the Sun.  One of the children there described it as the … Continue reading

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Eclipse stuff!

So yeah, unless you live under a rock, you know there’s a total solar eclipse coming in a couple weeks, and you probably know we’re in the path of totality.  You may even have done some googling or read a … Continue reading

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IC 1396 : The Elephant’s Trunk Nebula in Narrowband – Modified SHO Palette

Feel pretty good about this one.  Decided to go for a nice big bright object this time, for a little “relaxation”. The Elephant’s Trunk is an area of active star formation in the constellation Cepheus, some 2,400 LY away. The … Continue reading

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New PixInsight Tutorial : Creating Mosaics with a simple StarAlignment and GradientMergeMosaic workflow.

I’m generally not known for my image processing prowess. (Quite the opposite in fact…if I’m known at all, it is for my ability to murder perfectly innocent data in the prime of its life.) Every so often, however, I manage … Continue reading

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