Obs 2.0 has a pier!

The pier for Obs 2.0 is poured. 🙂

There was digging.

Digging begins on the hole for the concrete pier.

And supervising

No work gets done around here without a supervisor.

And gravel

And concrete and rebar

Rebar went in at 6 and 12", alternating directions each layer.

SO much concrete

A half a freaking ton of concrete, one bag at a time!

Final stage was to build a "stub" for the pier, to hold the pier's rebar and tie the pier to the footer.

But alas there was a footer, awaiting a pier form.

The pier form began with some studs for a mounting board

At the side of the pier there will be a wooden plate, for mounting control boxes, power panels, etc.

And some conduit was added

Another 1/4 ton of concrete was mixed (We learned from last time!)

And poured

Mounting plate bolts were set

24 hours later, the form came off!


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