First session on the new pier!


Finally had a clear night (UPS delivered 10 days of clouds along with the repaired mount last week) so took the chance to test the mount repairs, and get a first evening off the new pier.

Had to make the mounting plate first.  Ordered a 12×12 3/8″ thick piece of aluminum from Amazon, drilled the installation holes and then drilled and tapped a pattern for the AP tripod adapter.  Tossed a level in the center for a rough installation guide.

Everything’s still a bit of a mess…sort of slapped cables in wherever I could, with darkness rushing in on me now that the time has changed.  It all worked though!  Got ~80 more 300s L frames on LDN1262.

Mount performed flawlessly, back up to AP standards.  Ridiculously low RMS, and smooth as butter all night.  Very pleased with the fine folks at Astro-Physics.

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