Lots has happened!

Been a while, and quite a bit has changed in the new obs.

Last weekend, the interior wall was framed in, despite my best efforts!  (Measure once, cut eleven times…)

This weekend, the living room became the scene of a massive cable-making party.

The goal was a centralized “control panel” which houses all the various control boxes and hardware for the focuser, GTOCP4, etc.  I wanted a neat installation, with correct length cables, some storage space, and finally a consistent power connection standard throughout.

The power connections for the entire rig were converted to Anderson Powerpoles.  First a set of 8 pairs was made up to provide a supply point.

Next, various boxes were measured and placed.

Busbars were made by drilling and tapping some scrap aluminium bar.

And everything got attached and plugged in.

After some furious (and frankly a bit nerve wracking) USB cable cutting and splicing, everything was sized correctly for the mount-born gear.

As of tonight, everything’s running on the planned/installed configuration, save for power being supplied by a bench power supply, since the batts aren’t in yet.

Next step is to cover the exterior walls, and then get the Crown batteries installed.  They’ll be charged with an AC charger initially, until the roof and solar gear get installed.

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