“Major construction” is complete!

What I consider “major construction” of the obs is now complete.  Still lots left to do, but it all falls in the category of “finish work” or ‘electrical/electronics”.

A roof was framed up w/ 2×3, 2×4, and 2×6 lumber

Rolling hardware was added (man was that thing a bitch to flip upside down!)

Corrugated PVC roofing was added, and she was ready to install!

(Sorry…no pictures of the circus that was me, Alex, and 3 friends lifting that SOB up onto the building!)

Ordered the drive mechanism from McMaster-Carr, and rigged up the controller box…(Details and more info, along with links to parts, code, etc, are in the video description of the video linked below)

A few days of tweaking, adjusting, and fiddling…and behold!

Finally, this weekend, got around to making the door, and hanging it.

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