It has been a busy busy busy few weeks…both in and out of the Obs.  Of course, you don’t care about out of the obs, so….

The power and obs monitoring project is more or less complete.  There may still be a few bugs/tweaks to deal with over the next few weeks, but things seem to be pretty stable and happy and correct now. 🙂

It starts with grabbing serial data from the TriMetric 2030 battery system monitor.  Can’t stress enough how amazing the gang at Bogart Engineering was helping me work through issues and answering questions.  They not only make great products, but offer great support and service!

That little device is then read by a little data collection app, which pulls the TriMetric’s serial data, along with a JSON feed from Sequence Generator Pro‘s API, and an XML feed from the RigRunner 4005i, and Dweets everything with a separate thing ID for each device.  Finally, it drops some of the data into a MySQL DB as well, via Maurits van der Schee’s very slick single-file CRUD API.

So that’s the data collection. 🙂

From there, a locally hosted installation of FreeBoard pulls all the latest dweets for each device, and gives us our current status page.

Finally, the Google Charts API is put to use talking to the DB, for some historical charting.

SOMEWHERE in all of this, I actually managed to get a few clear nights as well, and finish data acquisition on M51, and begin acquisition on M58 and the Siamese Twins.  Those will be coming along soon, I hope. 🙂

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