A Pox Upon Weather Underground

So…I’ve pretty much had it with Weather Underground.

  • Pages are frequently unavailable, or contain no data.
  • Sometimes, the discussion board for one station shows up for another…or several others.
  • Settings like F or C, Station Statuses, etc are difficult if not impossible to update.  The page claims to have saved the new setting…but clearly hasn’t.
  • The star system is crap…and doesn’t work as they describe anyway.
  • The API will actively refuse uploaded data from a station…and then blame the station for failing to send data.
  • Webcams will periodically just claim to no longer be available…until you go to the page for webcams and amazingly, it’s still there.
  • They’re discontinuing their API effective 2018-12-31 because wahh…it’s hard to support an API…or something.

So, yeah…in short…fuck Weather Underground.

  • Currently working on some code to pull all my historical wx data down from Wunderground to my own DB.
    • ONE
    • DAY
    • AT
    • A
    • TIME
    • because their API’s history endpoint sucks canal water.
  • Have disassembled the old Ambient Weather 2902 sensor array (the one Ambient FINALLY replaced for me) and have an arduino reading most of the sensors.
  • Will be building my own wx station, logging to my own storage, with my own pretty charts and graphs and shit.
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