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That post about solar stuff

Been meeting to get around to “a post about all the solar stuff” and just keep…not.  Had occasion to take/send a few pics the other day (more on the recipient in a moment) and am finally prompted to put something … Continue reading

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Totality is life-changing

I stood there, in a cornfield in Hokinsville, KY.  I thought the day had been exciting, waiting for and then observing the steady march of the moon’s disc across the Sun.  One of the children there described it as the … Continue reading

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SCIENCE, bitches!

Always fun to learn something new, even if it doesn’t really relate to anything in particular.  The “light bulb moment” is still a joy.  Had such a moment this morning, thought I’d share. 🙂 In the /r/astronomy thread of my latest solar … Continue reading

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